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Pupkiss Pets shares the belief that your pet is a part your family. We only choose to offer products that allow you to spoil them, so you can experience a happy life together. What we offer will only be products that either contain the best and healthy ingredients or be made from quality sturdy materials.

You and your pet's complete satisfaction is our goal.  We started Pupkiss Pets from the motivation of the love for our pets and grew into providing our customers fun and safe products to pamper and spoil their furry family members. We cater to pampered pets! Because Everyone Needs a Pupkiss!

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This is an excellent product, my 1 year old Golden-doodle smells clean and look great between baths. because of she is mixed breed unfortunately her hair is combination between really fine & curly hair get matted so easy, I always end up shaves all of her hair off. Then I try this shampoo from pup kiss pet and it's totally changed it all. it works as shampoo-conditioner-and detangle at the same time. I am happy with the result...!!!

Eva V.

I always take my dogs for grooming but it comes a bit expensive for me to do that all the time so I decided to look for a great Pet Shampoo that will help me untangle my dogs hair without any harmful chemicals that can hurt my dogs skin coat. After reading all the reviews, I decided to give it a try to see if it is going to make a difference and it sure did! The all natural, fresh smell, moisturizer and conditioner it has makes this product such a great buy! My dog definitely loved it! I will definitely recommend this to anyone I know that is looking for a great pet shampoo! This product has all you need! Thanks

Satisfied Customer

My dog, a three year old white mini poodle has a very sensitive skin. I have tried different kinds of Shampoo, but her skin always turns red and gets irritated after getting a bath. With this shampoo, there was no redness and she didn't run around itching and scratching after her bath. The shampoo lathered well and seems high quality- silky smooth and a very pleasant scent. I would recommend it and I will purchase again.

Satisfied Customer